Fiona Goron

Fiona Goron
Fiona Goron

Occupational Therapist

Fiona has had 21 years’ experience as an occupational therapist specialising in traumatic brain injury and neurological rehabilitation.

She commenced her career within the Westmead Brain Injury service providing acute care assessment, inpatient physical and cognitive rehabilitation as well as community based rehabilitation. This experience provided a sound foundation to understanding the recovery process, challenges and successes which can be achieved within neurological rehabilitation. Within private practice, she continued to provide specialist rehabilitation, medico-legal opinions and case management for clients with complex needs through the Lifetime Care Scheme (LTCS), Compulsory Third Party (CTP), Workcover and now NDIS schemes.  She has a passionate approach to problem solving; assisting clients achieve their goals using a variety of cognitive, psychosocial and physical approaches.

Career Achievements/Recognitions

Within her specialist area of traumatic brain injury, Fiona has presented papers at two World Federation of Occupational Therapists conferences focusing on therapy techniques including using the PRPP (Perceive, Recall, Plan and Perform) assessment and Motivational Interviewing to assess and treat client’s with brain injury.


B. App Sc. (Occ. Therapy)

Fiona is a mother of two children; loves to laugh and share a joke, has a passion for cooking and eating good food and would love to spend more time travelling the world.