Memory Clinic & Positive Ageing

Treatment and therapy are available to slow down the progression of memory loss and other cognitive functions.

Positive ageing requires you to be proactive and ensure you participate in:
  • regular physical exercise
  • challenging cognitive activities
  • socially engaging activities
    Rehab on the Move provides two types of service:
Positive Ageing

A proactive approach to Positive Ageing: Take action to delay the onset of dementia and memory problems

Our Body and Brain Fitness Program is designed for people before they experience memory loss or other cognitive deterioration and follows a health prevention model.

Memory Clinic

Our Memory Clinic caters for people who have started to experience memory problems or other signs of cognitive decline. Formal assessment, diagnosis and treatment are offered as part of this service to help you manage. We aim to assist you to actively enhance your memory and cognition through therapy tailored to meet your needs.

Worried about your memory, but not sure if you will benefit from our memory clinic…

If you answer yes to some or all of the questions below, you will benefit from intervention to assist with your memory:

  • Do you frequently walk into a room and forget what you are looking for?
  • Are you unable to follow simple directions or instructions?
  • Do your friends or family make reference to conversations that you are unable to recall?
  • Do you get muddled with dates and times, particularly when plans are changed?
  • For those people seeking a formal assessment and diagnosis, our team of health professionals working at our
  • Memory Clinic will be able to assist you.