Men – Prostate and Your Plumbing

Mens Prostate
Most men never give their pelvic floor a second thought – until they have surgery for enlarged prostate or prostatic cancer.

Postoperative incontinence can last for several months. Men describe this as unexpected, inconvenient, frustrating and embarrassing. The Continence Foundation recommends you start pelvic floor exercises four to six weeks prior to surgery. This way you learn to activate your muscles properly and get in some practise before the trauma of surgery.

You can start pelvic floor exercises after surgery when your catheter has been removed. “Incontinence will usually improve with time, but by learning how to control the pelvic floor muscles you can speed up the recovery process and reduce leakage faster” Continence and Prostate – A guide for men undergoing prostate surgery. Continence foundation of Australia 2008.

Physiotherapy can help you improve your bladder control and return to an active, productive life after surgery.